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Genemco, Inc. sells used and surplus ammonia oil separators, oil pots, and other items used in refrigeration. Genemco, Inc. is not affiliated with any equipment manufacturers.

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Wescold Vertical Oil Separator

Wescold Vertical Oil Separator
Mfg: Wescold, Inc. Model:
Stock No: CPEM11 Serial No: 1568-1
Wescold Vertical Oil Separator. Wescold, Inc. Seattle, WA. MAWP: 250 PSI at 650F, MDMT -20F at 250 PSI. Serial: 1568-1. Year: 1992. Previously run with a reciprocating ammonia compressor. Pipes: 3 in. Sidewall dimensions: 16 in. dia x 24 in. high.

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