FPEC Vacuum Mixer/ Paddle Blender- 3000 lb

FPEC Vacuum Mixer/ Paddle Blender- 3000 lb

1989 FPEC Vacuum Mixer/ Paddle Blender- 3000 lb. Model: 814, S/N: 1409. Stainless steel. Inside dimensions: 84 in. L x 53.5 in. W x 36 in. H. Blender inlet: 6 in. dia; (2) hinged lid outlets: 27 in. L x 21 in. W. Final mixer speed: approx. 6 to 25 rpm. CO2 injection capability. (2) SEW Varimot 15 hp motors: 230/460 V, 36/18 amps, 3 phase, sprocket ratio: 3.3:1. Teco Motor: 5 hp, 1750 rpm, 230/460 V, 13/6.5 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Kinney vacuum pump, Model: LRC-100, S/N: 91-0826. Inlet /outlet: 1.5 in. Overall dimensions: 115 in. L x 75 in. W x 75.5 in. H. This Vacuum Mixer/Blender, Model 814, has a built-in variable speed control to adjust the mixing speed for processing different meat and poultry products to perfection. Vacuum loading of product available. Originally sold to McCartney Foods in Jackson Mississippi as a vacuum blender with CO2 injection capability. The base blender unit itself is around $85,000 with vacuum capability adds $15K. CO2 and controls add about 15K-20K.

Product Details

  • Product ID: 3118
  • Stock No: tFEC07.
  • Manufacturer: FPEC
  • Model: 814
  • Serial Number: 1409

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FPEC Vacuum Mixer/ Paddle Blender- 3000 lb

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