Frick RWB II 676S Rotary Screw Compressor Package

Frick RWB II 676S Rotary Screw Compressor Package

Used 1999 Frick RWB II 676 S Rotary Screw Compressor Package – 1000 HP. Model: RWBII-676S. Serial: 0135TFMCTHAA03. Frick sales ORD 21248412000. Refrigerant: R717 (ammonia). Max design PSI: 300. Compressor Model/Serial: TDSH355L0232K. Refrigerant: R-717. Volume ratio: 2.2-5.0. Max speed RPM: 3600. Design PSI: 350. Year of make: 1999. Compressor Ratings: displacement: 3982 CFM (676 m^3/hr/10), S: Booster/High Stage Duty. Nominal Rating: 1453 TR / 1593.8 BHP at +20F suction / 95F condensing. Low temp rating: 297.2 TR / 1068 BHP at -40F suction / 95F condensing. Ram Industries Motor: 1000 HP, 3575 RPM, 2300 / 4000-4160 Volts, 60 Hz, 3-phase, 5810S frame, ODP enclosure. Frick / York International micro controller. Hours meter reads: 470.6 (10/8/2009). Overall dimensions: 234 in L x 94 in W x 144 in H.

Product Details

  • Product ID: 13091
  • Stock No: SPNY01.175
  • Manufacturer: Frick
  • Model: RWB-II-676S
  • Serial Number: 0135TFMCTHAA03

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Frick RWB II 676S Rotary Screw Compressor Package

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