McQuay Air Cooled Chiller-350 Ton

McQuay Air Cooled Chiller-350 Ton

2000 McQuay Air Cooled Chiller-350 Tons. Model: ALS370BS-27ER10. S/N: STNU000600228. Refrigerant R-22, max pressure 300 psi. Power supply 460V, 60Hz, 3phase. (24) Condenser fans, 2.0 HP motor, 28 in. dia.1140 rpm, 60 Hz. High efficiency fin and tube type condensers with integral sub cooler, (12) fins per in. and 4 rows deep. Baffled Shell and Through Tube, Direct Expansion Evaporator, Water Vol. 107 gallons, Max. water pressure 175 psi. Overall Dimensions: 459 in. L x 83.4 in. W x 94.5 in. H. Weight 22,050 lbs. (ACN1230).

Product Details

  • Product ID: 8141
  • Stock No: LSHD003.
  • Manufacturer: McQuay & Snyder
  • Model: ALS370BS-27ER10
  • Serial Number: STNU000600228

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McQuay Air Cooled Chiller-350 Ton

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