Groen Hy-6 HyPlus Atmospheric Steamer

Groen Hy-6 HyPlus Atmospheric Steamer

2003 Groen Hy-6 HyPlus Atmospheric Steamer with Direct Steam Heated Table Top Heated Tilting Kettle. Model: HY-6SG-36. Cooking chamber cavity dimensions: 20 in. L x 12 in. W x 10 in. H. Each cavity will hold up to three 20 in. L x 12 in. W x 2-1/2 in. H steam table pans. Steam requirements (cavities): 3 to 15 psi. Condenser spray requirements (water): 0.70 to 0.95 gpm @ 30 to 60 psi. Direct Steam Heated Kettle, Model: TDC/3-20, S/N: 70431, MAWP: 55 psi @ 305 °F, MDMT: 32 °F @ 55 psi. This 2/3 jacketed, tilting kettle has a one-piece stainless steel body and a butterfly pouring lip. The kettle has a 180 emery grit interior finish and a bright semi-deluxe exterior finish. Gas Heated Steam Boiler- 3.7 HP, Model: n/a, S/N: n/a. Capacity: 200,000 Btuh. The Groen NGB/3 steam boiler generates low pressure steam for use with cabinet mounted steamers and steam jacketed kettles. It uses a standing pilot and its heat transfer fins inside the combustion chamber add to the unit's high efficiency. Inlets: (1) 1/2 in. dia. NPT (steam), (1) 1/2 in. dia. NPT (condenser spray cold water), (1) 1/2 in. dia. NPT (faucet hot water), (1) 1/2 in. dia. (boiler cold water), (1) 1/2 in. dia. FNPT (natural gas). Outlets: (1) 1-1/2 in. dia. (drain line), (1) 20 in. L x 4 in. W vent. Overall dimensions: 38 in. L x 37 in. W x 58-1/2 in. H. (ACN180).

Product Details

  • Product ID: 7856
  • Stock No: BLGP001.3
  • Manufacturer: Groen
  • Model: HY-6SG-36

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Groen Hy-6 HyPlus Atmospheric Steamer

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