Bottle Filler 144 Valve

Bottle Filler 144 Valve

H&K Bottle Filler 144 Valve, rebuilt for Bacardi Corporation to fill malt beverages. Rebuilt like new a few years ago and never used. The only thing not rebuilt was the crowner which is in the box with the guards etc. It is a 1976 but totally rebuilt including a $25,000.00 center column bearing and never used. 144 filling valves on the machine rated at over 1000 BPM. Will run any carbonated or flat liquids up to one quart in size.

Product Details

  • Product ID: 4032
  • Stock No: 1200.cMEBP1.350
  • Manufacturer: H&K

Filler & Capper Details

Previous Refrigerant

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Bottle Filler 144 Valve

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