Elf 5-Valve Pressure/Gravity Filler

Elf 5-Valve Pressure/Gravity Filler

Elf 5-Valve Pressure/Gravity Filler. Feed tank capacity: 15 gallon. (5) Electric solenoid valves, (5) shut-off valves. Fill valve diameter: 5/8 in. Maximum/minimum valve height to operator workstation or conveyor: 48 in./20 in. H. Valve height and spacing are adjustable. Electronic liquid filler control system, controlled by one manual switch. Inline liquid filter. Product drip tray. Stainless steel frame. Designed for low, medium, and high viscosity liquid filling. As a gravity filler, this wil fill thin, foamy products, such as light dish soap or light motor oils. As a pressure filler, this machine is designed for gels and other products not conducive to pump filling. Inlets: in. dia. Outlets: fill valves. Overall dimensions: 43 in. L x 25 in. W x 73 in. H.

Product Details

  • Product ID: 4125
  • Stock No: DCBJ248.1a
  • Manufacturer: Elf

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Elf 5-Valve Pressure/Gravity Filler

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