Frick Screw Compressor Package

Frick Screw Compressor Package

Frick RXB50 with 150 hp electric drive for NH3 or R-22 service, can be used for low or high suction includes thermosyphon cooling, microprocessor control, dual oil filters, and low hours (less then 1000) also includes the economizer valve option, unit has been in storage and was well pickled for protection in storage. For NH3, the capacity range is approx as follows: 20 suction 118 Tons, 0 suction 74 Tons,
-20 suction 47 Tons, -40 suction 28 Tons

Product Details

  • Product ID: 4800
  • Stock No: 120.IBaa.30
  • Manufacturer: Frick
  • Model: RXB-50

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Frick Screw Compressor Package

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