How To Haggle: Genemco's Guide to Negotiating Pre-owned Equipment
The art of the haggle. To some, negotiating comes easy while to others it can be a painfully intimidating process. If you are the latter, you may ask, why is it effortless for some and so difficult for others like me? Well, it boils down to mindset and experience. Negotiating can be uncomfortable because the process can feel like conflict. But negotiating pre-owned food processing and refrigeration equipment doesn’t have to be combative. Instead, think of it as a two-way street. Approach negotiating as a way for both parties to get what they want -- you get your equipment at a great price, and we make a sale and gain another satisfied customer.
With that, you may still wonder, is it okay to negotiate the already low prices of pre-owned equipment? We are here to tell you...... yes! Not only is negotiating okay but it's also expected!

So now that you are in the right mindset, keep reading to learn the top five ways to negotiate like a pro!

Do your research
We aim to offer between 40% to 60% off the price of new equipment depending on its age and condition. The easiest way to get that price point is to be prepared with a NEW price quote from the manufacturer directly. By doing this, we can adjust our used price to align with the current pricing based on your quote.

Play nice
As the saying goes, you get more with honey than you do with vinegar. During the bargaining process, be humble, take a polite and positive approach where possible. A common misconception is that putting on airs, standing firm, and patronizing the seller will get you bottom pricing. That's simply not true, instead, we recommend offering a sound rationale for us to meet you at a happy medium. It never works well if someone feels taken advantage of. A healthy negotiation should always end with both sides walking away happy.

Be flexible
The exact brand, make, and/or model you seek may not be in our current inventory but we almost always have something else that will work perfectly for your operation. Our team of experts is here and happy to help. For example, we recently had a customer that requested an evaporative condenser with 450 tons of refrigeration, however, we just sold the one they had their eye on before contacting us. After listening to their operation needs we suggested a similar one with 550 tons of refrigeration instead. Not only did this work perfectly for their operation but it will also give them more capacity for the coming summer months.

Take a walk in the seller's shoes
Take a moment to think about the situation from the seller’s perspective. It is true we offer greatly discounted prices, however, the equipment we acquire is quality, not cheap. A common misconception is because the equipment is secondhand that means the prices will be cheap when in reality we offer lower, reasonable pricing that is competitive.

Look for opportunities
If the deal isn’t quite right yet, don’t be afraid to boost your bargaining power by asking for add-ons. Bundling multiple items into your purchase can be very persuasive in a negotiation. Another bargaining gem we are currently doing here at Genemco is offering additional discounts for reviews and case studies. This costs you nothing but a few minutes of your time and can save you extra cash!
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