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Jose and your staff went above and beyond to help me try and locate a part that I need to keep my business running. Thank you all so much. I wish all companies cared as much as you all do.


My brother was astonished that I was able to find that old Dosmatic manual!  He is very grateful and asked me to thank you for him. When I sent him the link you sent me so he could print it out, we started talking about the lack of professionalism these days -- and I mean in every field.

Based on my 50 years of experience as a journalist dealing with people from every walk of life, I guessed that only 1 or 2 out of every 10 people are willing to truly help a customer, client, or patient -- to go the extra mile. That includes you for sure! My brother did not buy his fertilizer injector from Genemco, so you did not have to help us at all. But you did. And so quickly!

By the way, my brother founded Three Cs Landscaping, which is now owned by his three sons. All four men graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in Horticulture. Three Cs now is one of only a few really large landscape construction companies in Michigan and is respected statewide for both the quality of its work and the professionalism of its entire staff.

Please share this with your supervisor, and thanks again! You are a real asset to Genemco.

Pat Chargot

Washington Twp., Michigan

"I would highly recommend a business to use Genemco for their used equipment needs. The details and pictures provided on the website I found to be accurate and gave an honest description of the condition of the equipment. The sales team was responsive and the timeline of payment to shipping of the item was less than 48 hours. Which in my case was imperative because I was under a very tight timeline for a project. Genemco had a pump and motor combination that fit within the criteria I needed and worked perfectly for the application. I would recommend them to others and will return in the future for my equipment needs."

Kyle White, 
Maintenance Manager
Blue Marble Productions, Inc.


"In today’s world of uncertainty we are shopping on the internet more now than ever before, for personal items, for business functions etc. really not knowing what you will really find out there in cyber world. I contacted Genemco by phone for an item we were in desperate need of and upon talking with the receptionist I learn they deal with aftermarket equipment. I wasn’t needing equipment I needed a part for a piece of equipment, I hung up before anyone answered the phone after being transferred so I wouldn’t waste my time and the other person’s time. About an hour later I received a call back from Genemco thinking they had missed my call and let me tell you, I’m glad they returned my call, if not I would have never got the item I was searching for thinking they didn’t have it. They worked extra hard in making sure I got it the very next day as promised. I can’t say enough about the way they handled my situation with great knowledge and professionalism. Being a first time customer its hard to get the dedication from new comers/customers. Great Job Genemco!!" 

Pernell Johnson, 
Plant Purchasing Agent
Sara Lee Frozen Bakery 

"We purchased a used electrical panel with components from Genemco for a new crushing / screening plant set-up. With a few additions and subtractions to the panel to fit our application, I estimated that it saved us about 65% in cost and 75% in set-up time over new. The ordering / shipping process was simple, and the equipment arrived when expected and was in excellent shape."

Syd Nichols,
Operations Mngr.
Kilauea Crushers, Inc.


"In an effort to mechanize the processing of assorted tropical fruits we grow on our farm in Miami I reached out to Genemco for advice and guidance on the machine that would best suit our needs. They always answered the phone and were quick to respond to email inquiries. After deciding on the unit I felt would do the job best they were quick to arrange delivery, and they offered a 30 trial to ensure the machine did in fact function for us as we expected. It did indeed, and the time and labor savings we are enjoying will pay for the processor within the first year. I couldn't be happier with the decision to finally take the plunge and invest in a piece of equipment that I had been considering buying for years. Many thanks to Erik and Don for their advice and excellent customer service."

Erik Tietig,
Miracle Fruit Farm