Stock status
Pump Type
Gallons Per Minute (GPM)
Compressor Type
Stage Type
Stainless Tank Type
Refrigeration Tank Type
Tank Orientation
Tank Diameter (Inches)
Tank Length (Inches)
Motor Type
Evaporator Component Type
Tank Estimated Capacity (Gallons)
Jacketed (Insulated)?
Air Cooled or Liquid Cooled
Tank Materials of Construction (text)
Conveyor Type
Conveyer Width (inches)
Conveyor Length (inches)
High Voltage
Low Voltage
Freezer Part Type
HTST Part Type
Dryer Type
Boiler Type
Filler/Capper Type
IQF Type
Pounds (LBS) per Hour of Freezing Capacity (estimate)
Type of Ice
Ice Production per Day (Tons)
Evaporator Type
# of Effects
LBS per HR of Evaporation Removal (Estimate)
Product Model
Boiler HP
Rated Input (BTUH)
Rated Capacity (Gallons)
Capacity per minute
Cooling or Heating?
Length Enclosed Tunnel (feet)
Width Enclosed Tunnel (inches)
Height Enclosed Tunnel (inches)
Chiller Type
Tons of Refrigeration
Motor Controls Type
Compressor Motor Starter Type
Pipe Length (feet)
Rated Capacity (GPH)
Maximum Operating Pressure (PSI)
Number of Stages
Valve Seats Type
Heat Transfer Surface Area (SQ FT)
Surge Drum Included?
Number of Passes
Number of Tubes
Holding Capacity (Gallons)
Tube Diameter (inches)
Tube Length (inches)
Number of Plates
Number of Sections
Estimated Freezing Capacity (Tons per 24 Hours)
Plate Quantity
Plate Width (inches)
Plate Height (inches)
Plate Material
Plate Length (inches)
Quantity Available
Purge Points
Unit Nominal Tons (TR)
Unit Ammonia Tons (TR)
Nominal Flow Capacity (Gallons per hour GPH)
Number of Compressors
Total Compressor Horsepower
Fins Per Inch (FPI)
Coil Type
High Side Refrigeration Equipment Included?
Multiple Unit Options
Multiple Units Included in Package?
# Units included in Package
Package Nominal Tons (TR)
Package Ammonia Tons (TR)
Pump Included?
Compressor Package
Package Included?
Compressor Included?
Package Manufacturer
Micro Control Panel Inlcluded?
Motor Starter Included?
# Ports (Inlets/Outlets)
# Inlets
# Outlets
# Inlets/Outlets
1st Port Details
Inlet/Outlet 1
Inlet/Outlet 1 Size (Inches)
2nd Port Details
Inlet/Outlet 2
Inlet/Outlet 2 Size (Inches)
3rd Port Details
Inlet/Outlet 3
Inlet/Outlet 3 Size (Inches)
4th Port Details
Inlet/Outlet 4
Inlet/Outlet 4 Size (Inches)
Refrigerant Specifications
Ammonia (R717 | NH3) Compatible
Halocarbon (Freon | R22) Compatible
Previous Refrigerant
Motor Specifications
Motor Included (Yes/No)
Motor Manufacturer
Motor Horsepower (HP)
Motor RPM
Motor Voltage
Motor Amps
Motor Hertz (Hz)
Motor Phases
Motor Frame Size
Length (Inches)
Width (Inches)
Height (Inches)
Year of Manufacture

Blanchers & Heat Tunnels

Save 9%
I &H Blancher Belt - 3 Pass I &H I &H Blancher Belt - 3 Pass I &H
I &H I &H Blancher Belt - 3 Pass


Only 1 unit left
Save 9%
Jabez Burns & Sons Split Nut BlancherJabez Burns & Sons Split Nut Blancher
Save 9%
AK Robins Screw Cooker AK Robins AK Robins Screw Cooker AK Robins
AK Robins AK Robins Screw Cooker


Only 1 unit left
Save 9%
Gem Line Stainless Steel Blancher- 2.0 cu. ft.Gem Line Stainless Steel Blancher- 2.0 cu. ft.
Save 9%
Hosokawa Bepex Rietz Screw Blancher Hosokawa Bepex Rietz
Save 9%
Screw Blancher Not Specified
Not Specified Screw Blancher


Sold out
Save 9%
2004 Blentech Continuous Cooker Model CS-2813-SD Blentech
Save 9%
MBC Single Pass Variable Speed Hot Water Blancher MBC
Save 9%
Stainless Steel Belt Blancher - 2 ft. Wide Not Specified
Save 9%
Infatrol Electric Tunnel Oven - 50 ft. Not Specified
Save 9%
Hosokawa Bepex RietzThermascrew Stainless Steel
Save 9%
Hughes Company Stainless Steel Drum Cooker
Save 9%
Gas Fired Tunnel Oven Not Specified
Save 9%
Stainless Steel Ammonia Plate Chiller Not Specified

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