Genemco buys and sells MORE industrial ammonia refrigeration equipment than any other company in North America. We also buy high quality food and beverage processing equipment. We would love to partner with you on your equipment removal project. 

      • Do you have surplus industrial equipment you would like removed from your building or warehouse?
      • Do you have an ammonia refrigeration engine room that you need removed, emptied or sold?
      • Are you a plant manager, plant technician or refrigeration company that is installing brand new equipment and you need to remove old equipment?

Look no further! Genemco makes the task of removing your equipment quick and easy. We have a knowledgeable buying team with decades of experience to evaluate, purchase, remove and ship your equipment.

We work with your team to remove equipment and load onto our trucks. If required, Genemco arranges for professional removal of equipment from your facility.

Genemco pays cash for equipment, arranges professional equipment removal and handles all trucking/shipping coordination.

Start the Process!

Please fill out the form below to start the process. If you have trouble completing the form, please call the office at 979-268-7447 and we will help in any way possible.