Blentech Continuous Cooker Model CS-2813-SD

Blentech Continuous Cooker Model CS-2813-SD

2004 Blentech Continuous Cooker Continutherm. Model CS-2813-SD. S/N 2040924. Watlow controller, can run cooker automatically. Panel NEMA4X. RTD temp. Probe with digital readout installed at end of cooker. Spare RTD probe included. All stainless steel construction and it has been passivated. Adjustable feet. Screw 28 in. dia. x 13 ft. long. 6 in. dia. top vent. 3 in. tri-clover fitting infeed; 56 in. inlet height. (11) Steam injectors, direct total machine length 19 ft. Main width 33 in. Main height 59-1/2 in. With top covers open 94-7/8 in. Discharge height 34-1/2 in. Corrosion resistant pillow block bearings. 460 V, 3 phase to power one 3/4 hp drive motor, TEFC type VFD from speeds 6 to 24 minute retention time. Needs one air line to seal sanitary lip seals, 90-120 psi and air valve for steam control. 1.5 in. steam line; 45 psi max. Flow depends on product. Complete factory manuals/drawings/schematics. Cost new $66,000.

Product Details

  • Stock No: cPEBE03.350
  • Manufacturer: Blentech
  • Model: CS-2813-SD
  • Serial Number: 2040924

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Blentech Continuous Cooker Model CS-2813-SD

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