Keeping it Fresh and Cool... Literally!
June 26th is World Refrigeration Day and we're hungry to know more! To celebrate World Refrigeration Day, United Nations Environment Program OzonAction, Chefs4thePlanet, and Global Food Cold Chain Council are partnering to explain cooling’s essential role in protecting human health and the planet. CalledCalling the campaign Cooling Keeps Food Fresh, they will describe why cooling is necessary for food safety and how it supports nutritious diets that sustain our health, help reduce food loss and waste, and protect the environment.

According to Refrigeration World News, leading chefs from around the world have signed on to the campaign. They will describe how cooling is necessary for their locally inspired cuisine. The chef’s recipes will be accompanied by tips educating consumers on the cooling choices they can make in their home to save money, prolong the life of products, and understand how food waste and loss contribute to climate change.

Did you know thesignificance and benefits of refrigerator-freezer cooling go far beyond the kitchen? It assists in the help to solve environmental challenges such as preserving Earth’s ozone layer, fighting climate change, and promoting energy efficiency. Who knew the appliance helping prolong your food's shelf life was also sort of a superhero sidekick teaming up to kick food waste's tenderloin!

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, the contribution of food waste emissions to global warming is almost equivalent to global road transport emissions. If it were a country, food waste would be the third-largest emitting country in the world. “The refrigeration industry can facilitate the reduction of food waste and its negative environmental impact by promoting greater access to food preservation technology and promoting the development and utilization of cost-effective, energy-efficient equipment with reduced environmental impact,” said Juergen Goeller, Co-Chair of the Global Food Cold Chain Council and Director of Regulatory Affairs for Carrier Refrigeration. “A sustainable food cold chain will be an economic, social and environmental net-positive.”

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