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Bless your little heart if you’re not familiar with some of these quintessential Texas sayings. The Lone Star State has more quirky idioms than you can shake a stick at! Some of these expressions didn't originate from Texas but they got here as fast as a speeding bullet. Here are a few of our favorites...

“This ain’t my first rodeo.”
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Translation: I’m experienced.
Origin: Joan Crawford’s character first uttered an iteration of the phrase in her 1981 movie “Mommie Dearest.” It was popularized a few years later when country singer Vern Gosdin released his song, “This Ain’t My First Rodeo,” though it’s unclear whether he was inspired by the film.

“Bless your heart.”
Genemco: When your counter offer doesn't come close to the value of the equipment... 
Translation: I pity you.
Origin: A trademark of Southern slang, this saying was first cited in English dramatist Henry Fielding’s 1732 play, “The Miser.” It has since become an iconic Texas saying that comes across as either sincere or patronizing, depending on its context

“Madder than a wet hen.”
Genemco: When we just sold the model that you were eyeing for weeks...
Translation: Angry.
Origin: Farmers in the 1800s used to dunk hens into buckets of water to make them “snap out” of irritable behavior. (We’d be mad about that, too.)

“As long as a country mile.”
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Translation: A long way.
Origin: In the country, “a mile up the road” could mean half a mile or 6 miles, because nobody’s really counting.

“I smell what you’re steppin’ in.”
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Translation: I understand what you’re saying.
Origin: You can smell it when someone steps in a cowpie — if you’re close enough.

“You can hang your hat on that.”
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Translation: It’s a guarantee.
Origin: You would only hang a heavy, 10-gallon hat on a sturdy, trustworthy hat rack.

“Hissy fit.”
What our competition throws often!
Translation: A tantrum.
Origin: This Texas saying uses a shortened form of the word “hysterical.”

“More than you could shake a stick at.”
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Translation: Lots.
Origin: Sheep farmers used to control their herds by waving their staff. If there were too many sheep, this method was no longer effective.

“Don’t squat on your spurs.”
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Translation: Think before you do something.
Origin: It’s a literal pain in the rear to squat down on the pointy spurs of your cowboy boots.

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