Frick XJS120S Rotary Bare Screw Compressor

Frick XJS120S Rotary Bare Screw Compressor

Frick Rotary Bare Screw Compressor. Model No: XJS120S, Part No: 479949, Serial No: 11551K98150988. Max Drive Speed: 3600 RPM. Max Allowable Pressure: 400 PSIG.

Product Details

  • Stock No: PCE04
  • Manufacturer: Frick
  • Model: XJS 120S
  • Serial Number: 11551K98150988
  • Compressor Type: Screw
  • Package Included? No

Package Details

Screw Compressor Details

  • Compressor Included? Yes
  • Compressor Manufacturer: Frick
  • Compressor Model: XJS-120S
  • Compressor SN: 11551K98150988
  • Compressor Max Speed (RPM): 3,600
  • Compressor Design Pressure (PSIG): 400
  • Oil Separator Included? No

Micro Panel Details

  • Micro Control Panel Included? No

Motor Starter Details

  • Motor Starter Included? No

Previous Refrigerant

  • Previous Refrigerant: Ammonia (R-717)
  • Ammonia (R-717) Compatiable: Yes
  • Halocarbon (Freon) Compatible: No

Motor Details

  • Motor Included? No


  • Length (Inches): 40
  • Width (Inches): 40
  • Height (Inches): 36
  • Weight (LBS): 1,800
  • # of Pieces for Shipping: 1

Additional Product Details

  • Spec Sheet Available: Yes

Frick XJS120S Rotary Bare Screw Compressor

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