J.C. Pardo & Sons Kettle 600-Gallon

J.C. Pardo & Sons Kettle 600-Gallon

J.C. Pardo & Sons Kettle 600-Gallon Hemi. Model E536. S/N 4612. (NB #2238), 1/2 jacket rated for 110 psi @ 344 °F. 64 in. Diameter x 58 in. deep. Hemispherical bottom w/ 6 in. flanged CBO, domed top w/ 18 in. manway & center flange mount for agitator (not included). Flanged mounting ring above jacket, all SS const (interior wall of jacket acid resistant nickel). Jacket has been modified to provide a side bottom discharge and bottom outside of jacket is dented - Interior is smooth. The integrity of the jacket may be compromised since it has been modified, but we know that it was used by Campbell soup after the modification.

Product Details

  • Stock No: GICS158.13
  • Manufacturer: J.C. Pardo & Sons
  • Model: E526
  • Serial Number: 4612

Tank Details

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Additional Product Details

J.C. Pardo & Sons Kettle 600-Gallon

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