Pumpkins that "Squash" the Competition

You can feel it in the air, can't you? The sweet scents of pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon, the leaves changing color and the most celebrated seasonal fruit is in harvest. The pumpkin!

The name pumpkin originates from “peopon,” which means “large melon” in Greek. In September 2021 the world's largest "peopon" weighed in at 2,703 pounds held by Stefano Cutrupi of Italy! "VENI VIDI VICI"!

This record was set at The Safeway World Championship Pumpkin Weigh-off. North of Italy, Germany has the centuries old gardens at Schloss Ludwigsburg where the world's largest pumpkin festival takes place annually at the largest baroque palace in the country. Each year the festival has a different theme represented in pumpkin art!

"Across the pond" at the 2010 New Bremen, Ohio Pumpkin Fest is where the Guinness World Record for the largest pumpkin pie was set. The New Bremen giant pumpkin growers made an enormous 20 foot in diameter pie that tipped the scales at 3,699 pounds! According the Food Network the pie required 40 chefs and two excavators to make.

Is all this pumpkin talk getting you hungry? We have great news! Here are some top store-bought fall food favorites that taste homemade and like they were made just for you! In no particular order...

- Costco's Pumpkin Pie which scored highest in a blind taste test by the Food & Dining team at azcentral.

- One of our favorite ice cream brands is from New York called Perry's Ice Cream, they are also one of our favorite customers! Their seasonal limited edition Pumpkin Pie ice cream with swirls of whipped cream flavored ice cream with pie crust pieces you'll be sure to "fall" in love with. And you don't want to miss their limited edition Friendsgiving almond ice cream with blackberry swirls and sugar cookie dough pieces is sure to make it's way onto the table for your "friendsgiving" tradition.

Want more seasonal flavors? Checkout Trader Joes Fearless Flyer filled with fantastic fall fare!

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