York/Frigid Coil Roof-Top Freezer/Evaporator- 17 Ton

York/Frigid Coil Roof-Top Freezer/Evaporator- 17 Ton

2001 York/Frigid Coil Roof-Top Freezer/Evaporator- 17 Ton. Model: RTFSL-201-103-LRB-HGU-IP-PCV. S/N: 39650A1L. Capacity:9.5 Ton at -20°F with 10°F TD. Airflow:15,730 cfm. Fan diameter: 34 in. Lincoln Motor, 5 hp, 1165/960 rpm, 230/460-208/415 V, 16/8-18/9 amps, 60/50 Hz, 3 phase. Roof-Top Freezer Systems convert freezer space previously reserved for the placement of in-freezer evaporators into additional storage space. Fully insulated, ready for immediate crane lifting. Refrigeration and drain lines are pre-piped external to unit for one-step connection. All service is done on the roof, with easy access to fans and motors through large, preheated service doors. Interior lighting. A-Frame above all motors for easy removal of motors and fans. Eliminates the need for interior elevated service work and disruption within the storage facility. Inlets: (1) 1 in. dia. pipe (water), (1) 3 in. dia. pipe (media). Outlets: (1) 3/4 in. dia. pipe (water), (1) 2 in. dia. pipe (media). Overall dimensions: 9 ft. 4 in. L x 8 ft. 4 in. W x 84 in. H. (ACN390)

Product Details

  • Stock No: HDCD344Jb.28a
  • Manufacturer: York
  • Model: RTFSL-201-103-LRB-HGU-IP-PCV
  • Serial Number: 39650A1L

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York/Frigid Coil Roof-Top Freezer/Evaporator- 17 Ton

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