APV Amerio 35 Plate Freezer

APV Amerio 35 Plate Freezer

APV AMERIO automatic contact plate freezer MODEL 35 oversized. (previously used by MeadowGold Dairy) with 14 stations/15 aluminum plates --96-1/4" gross wide (92" net freezing surface) x 144" long with stainless steel reinforced ammonia hoses (1" suction & ½" liquid) + four extra sets of hoses & hose manifolds & all fittings for connections in/out of plates and connections to suction and discharge manifolds, complete Frame, catch arms, hydraulic cylinders with yokes, loader/unloader push arm assembly, hydraulic power unit assembly, stainless steel push button relay control panel, and liquid & suction vertical headers. Unit complete with stainless steel enclosure, microswitches and controls on the Frame; front and discharge conveyors; and stainless steel steps/platforms front & back. The base has been cut in half to make this a legal wide load -cut so it can be welded back together when installed. And two HANSEN 5hp hermetic ammonia pumps w/ control valves. Maximum width is 8 ft. 8 in. wide (one piece) and maximum height is 9 ft. 6 in.

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  • Stock No: 1100.QQ1aa
  • Manufacturer: APV
  • Model: Amerio 35

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APV Amerio 35 Plate Freezer

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