Gas Guardian XM Expansion Module (8-Channel)

Gas Guardian XM Expansion Module (8-Channel)

Gas Guardian XM 8-Channel Expansion Module. Cat. No.: GG-XM. Input: 100-120VAC/200-240VAC. 3A/2A. 50/60Hz. Output: 24VDC 4A/2A @ 50*C/40*C. Relay Cont.: 8A/10A @ 24VDC/120-240VAC. Serial No. I0300516.

Product Details

  • Stock No: TMN20
  • Manufacturer: Calibration Technologies Inc.
  • Model: GG-XM
  • Serial Number: I0300516

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Motor Details


  • Length (Inches): 16
  • Width (Inches): 14.5
  • Height (Inches): 8
  • Weight (LBS): 12.5
  • # of Pieces for Shipping: 1

Additional Product Details

  • Year of Manufacture: 2016
  • Spec Sheet Available: Yes
  • Known Issues or Problems: No issues (New In Box)

Gas Guardian XM Expansion Module (8-Channel)

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