Vilter Single Screw Gas Compressor VSSG-601

Vilter Single Screw Gas Compressor VSSG-601

Used Vilter Single Screw Gas Compressor. Model: VSSG601. Serial 4207. Order: SO69766. Max RPM: 3600. MAWP: 535 PSIG. Test pressure: 600 PSIG. Rated discharge pressure: 480 PSIG. Nominal displacement at 3600 RPM: 601 CFM. Previous application was methane gas compression. *Note: there appears to be rotor damage.

Product Details

  • Stock No: YSTN01
  • Manufacturer: Vilter
  • Model: VSSG601
  • Serial Number: 4207
  • Compressor Type: Gas
  • Package Included? No
  • Stage Type: High Stage

Package Details

Compressor Details

  • Compressor Included? Yes
  • Compressor Manufacturer: Vilter
  • # Compressors in Package: 1
  • Compressor Model: VSSG601
  • Compressor SN: 4207
  • Compressor Max Speed (RPM): 3600
  • Compressor Design Pressure (PSIG): 535

Micro Panel Details

  • Micro Control Panel Included? No

Motor Starter Details

  • Motor Starter Included? No

Previous Refrigerant

  • Previous Refrigerant: Gas
  • Ammonia (R-717) Compatiable: No
  • Halocarbon (Freon) Compatible: No

Motor Details


Additional Product Details

  • Previously Used With: Previous application was methane gas compression
  • Known Issues or Problems: There appears to be rotor damage

Vilter Single Screw Gas Compressor VSSG-601

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