FMC Model 50 Stainless Steel Pulper / Finisher

FMC Model 50 Stainless Steel Pulper / Finisher

FMC FoodTech Pulper / Finisher. Model: MP-244/03. This is the same as the model 50 finisher. Features a 4-paddle impeller. Screens can be replaced for different applications. Common products include: tomato pulp, catsup / ketchup, soup, pumpkin, squash, apple butter, apple sauce, peach butter, plum butter, prunes, apricot butter, jellies, jams, salad dressing, mayonnaise, honey, pie filling, chili sauce. Product input is at the top of the machine near the motor. Items that don't pass through the screen (overs, seeds, skin, etc.) are discharged at the opposite end. Product that passes through the screen is discharged through the bottom outlet. Screen size installed: 0.020 in.

Product Details

  • Stock No: JBTC02
  • Manufacturer: FMC
  • Model: MP-244/03

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FMC Model 50 Stainless Steel Pulper / Finisher

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