Receiving Tank

Receiving Tank

1994 Receiving Tank. S/N and Nat Board No. 330216. Cert by standard Refrigeration Co. M.A.W.P. 450 psi at 150 ° F. M.D.M.T 20 ° F. at 450 psi. Model 59841.5C. It is a refrigeration barrel with filter line. Drier Type EK-305. With inlet and outlet at 1 in. and ½ in. fitting on top. Overall measurements 14 in. diameter. 33-½ in. H. Has 4 legs 3 in. H. Year built 1994.

Product Details

  • Stock No: ACEU2004
  • Manufacturer: Not Specified
  • Model: 59841.5C
  • Serial Number: 330216

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Receiving Tank

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