3M-Matic 22A Adjustable Case Sealer

3M-Matic 22A Adjustable Case Sealer

3M-Matic 22A Adjustable Case Sealer. Model: 28600. S/N: 7695. Adjustable stainless steel construction case sealer for humid or high- or low-temperature plant conditions. Seals up to 27 cases/min. 3M AccuGlide Stainless Steel Taping Head. Dual masts with dual lead mast screws for extra stability and uniform height adjustments. Adjustable slide guides for quick changeovers for different size case runs. Handles case lengths: 6 inches and up; widths: 6 inch to 20 inch; heights: 4.75 inch to 20 inch. Power supply: 160 watts, 115 V, 4.0 amps, 60 Hz. General Electric Motor, 1/6 hp, 1725 rpm, 115 V, 4.0 amps, 60 Hz, single phase. Conveyor infeed/exit height (adjustable): 29 in. Overall dimensions: 44 in. L x 27-1/2 in. W x 64 in. H.

Product Details

  • Stock No: ERCS062.
  • Manufacturer: 3M
  • Model: 28600
  • Serial Number: 7695

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3M-Matic 22A Adjustable Case Sealer

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