APV 2 Effect Rising Falling Film Plate Evaporator

APV 2 Effect Rising Falling Film Plate Evaporator

APV 2 Effect Rising Falling Film Plate Evaporator. This is a great evaporator for a pilot evaporator plant. It is a two effect rising/falling film plate evaporator complete on stainless steel skid with stainless shell and tube condenser, all pumps, preheater, controls and electrical. Designed to remove 4,000 lbs water/hr.

Previously used to evaporate fruit juices at Mariani Packing.

Details: 34 diameter x 10 deep juice feed tank with a 1hp TriClover feed pump, with a type HX plate pre-heater, 2-zone, (15) total 8 x 32 plates, with a Pict steam injected water heater, system with (2) type PE plate heaters, 1st effect with (28) 26 x 54 plates, 2nd effect with (64) 26 x 54 plates, system with (2) Parafow type horizontal separators measuring 24 diameter x 36 long, each effect with (3) TriClover centrifugal pumps, system with piping, controls, flow meters and control valves, each vapor body has an inline cartridge filter, no refractometer, 8'9 wide x 20' 2 long stainless steel skid, system has a small APV plate heat exchanger attached to the skid but not set up in the system, (26) 8” x 32” plates, main plate heaters have serial numbers 1187 and 1188, separators have serial numbers 155.09 and 155.09.1, system with an Alps Welding stainless steel horizontal vapor condenser, with mild steel pump.

Overall skid dimensions: 21' L x 9' W x 9' H, 20,000 LBS

Link from manufacturer: https://www.spxflow.com/anhydro/products/pilot-evaporation-plants/

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  • Stock No: CFM2-01.320
  • Manufacturer: APV

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APV 2 Effect Rising Falling Film Plate Evaporator

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