APV Crepaco Spiral Holder Tube

APV Crepaco Spiral Holder Tube

APV Crepaco spiral holder tube, 4 in., mounted on stainless steel floor stand. 100,000 lb/hr capacity. Outside diameter of the spiral is 56 in.. Inlet height is 30 in. floor to center. Outlet height is 76 in. floor to center. There are three legs arranged in a triangle on 45 in. centers. The tube is approximately 1,180 in. overall length. Tube is constructed of standard 4 in. sanitary "tube OD" material. 4 in. tube OD is just that 4 in. outside diameter with a .083 wall thickness. That equates to a 3.834 inside diameter or 1.917 radius. 18.5 second hold @ 100,000 lbs of milk per hour flow.

Product Details

  • Stock No: 59a-R554-B
  • Manufacturer: Crepaco

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APV Crepaco Spiral Holder Tube

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