APV Model R56S HTST System

APV Model R56S HTST System

APV Model R56S HTST System size 3 Frame, S/N 16926 upgraded by AGC to Pro-5 model, 3-sections, 2-1/2 in. holding tube 6ft x 10-pass, (5) air actuated valves, 30 gal. stainless steel balance tank, control panel with Anderson circular chart recorder/temp. control, (2) Anderson 801 loop controller, digital readout, Taylor chart recorder & Ampco clean up pump. Last used in Two effect Condensed Skim Milk Evaporator Duty 1 - Skim Milk 22,000 pph 40-64-190 using 100 gpm 193 degree hot water Duty 2 - Condensed Skim Milk 5,000 pph 151-44-37 using 80 gpm 34 degree ice water

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  • Stock No: 280.RBD148a.0
  • Manufacturer: Not Specified

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APV Model R56S HTST System

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