APV Triple Tube Heat Transfer System

APV Triple Tube Heat Transfer System

APV Triple Tube Heat Transfer System. 12 tubes 6 ,5.5, 4 , Originally set up to cool gravy using first city water and then chilled water. Temperature progression, in first 8 tubes 20 gpm of gravy 190 °F to 100 °F using 80 gpm of 70 degrees water (water exits at 92 °F), 44 pound drop on product, 15 pound drop on the water, 860,000 btu in 392 square feet surface area. In the last 4 tubes 80 gpm of 40 degree water coming with a 10 pound pressure drop and 20 gpm product in at 100 °F out at 70 °F with a 50 pound drop 286,600 btu. On CIP, 140 gpm all tubes with 30 pound drop. maximum product clearance....5/8 in. rated pressure, product 170 pounds, water side 150 pounds. Estimated replacement cost today $88,000, cost in 1996 $68,000

Product Details

  • Stock No: DBPF098.65
  • Manufacturer: APV
  • Model: APV Gravy Cooler
  • Serial Number: wo 31884 frame

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APV Triple Tube Heat Transfer System

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