Baumer Wrap-Around Case Packer

Baumer Wrap-Around Case Packer

Baumer Wrap-Around Case Packer. Model: Wrap-Around. S/N: 070344082. Capacity/speed: 50 CPM. Minimum case dimensions: 9.5 in. L. x 6 in. W. x 4.5 in. W. Maximum case dimensions: 16.5 in. L x 11.8 in. W. x 13.8 in. H. Type of case: WA. Type of packer: WA. Previous application: deodorant sticks. Sealing method: hot melt glue. PLC-controlled 4-Gun Nordson Vista glue system, Model: 3500V-1EBV6E/AR, S/N: K3500V.AN00M01500. Previous application: deodorant sticks. Unit features Lexan safety guard package with interlocks and stainless steel 21-1/2 in. wide mesh belt infeed conveyor as well as an Allen-Bradley Dataliner display panel, Cat No: 2706-D21J8, Revision: A. MarelliMotori Motor, 3 hp, 1420 rpm, 220-380/230-400/240-415 V, 9/5.2-8.8/5.1-8.8/5.1 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Bonfiglioli Speed Reducer, 23 ratio, 61.7 rpm (final). (2) Moro Blower Motors, .75 hp, 2700/3300 rpm, 380/420-440/480 V, 1.5/1.4 amps. Conveyor infeed/exit height: 39 in. Overall dimensions: 12 ft. 7 in. x 96 in. W x 100 in. H.(H17)(ACN2846).

Product Details

  • Product ID: 3936
  • Stock No: ENAE58353.
  • Manufacturer: Baumer
  • Model: Wrap-Around
  • Serial Number: 70344082

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Baumer Wrap-Around Case Packer

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