Cherry Burrell Stellar-Flo Homogenizer - 3000 PSI

Cherry Burrell Stellar-Flo Homogenizer - 3000 PSI

Cherry Burrell Homogenizer / High Pressure Stellar-Flo Pump. Model: SS-2100-VBR. Capacity: 800 gallons / hr. Single stage. Plunger Size: 1-1/4 in. diameter. Poppet seat valve cylinders. Maximum operating pressure: 3000 PSI. Pressure and flowrate can be modified/adjusted to suit your needs. Ainsworth electric motor, 40 hp, 3 phase. Driver pulley: 4 in. dia. Driven pulley: 24 in. dia. Ratio: 6.0. Final rpm: 295. Known as positive displacement or triplex (three piston units), the 2100 series can be used as either homogenizers or high pressure pumps, and feature constant volume delivery regardless of pressure changes on the discharge. Inlets: (2) 2 in. diameter I-Line fitting. Outlets: (1) 7/8 in. discharge threaded fitting. Overall dimensions: 4 ft. L x 2 ft. 7-1/2 in. W x 3 ft. 10 in. H.

Product Details

  • Stock No: SPGT016A.78
  • Manufacturer: Waukesha Cherry-Burrell
  • Model: SS-2100-VBR
  • Serial Number: 8700

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Cherry Burrell Stellar-Flo Homogenizer - 3000 PSI

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