Cherry Burrell UHT System

Cherry Burrell UHT System

Used Cherry Burrell UHT System. It has a stainless steel interior and exterior, stainless product contact points, 15 tubular stainless steel heat exchanger assemblies, two centrifugal pumps, air system, chart recorders, homogenizer is Cherry Burrell Model SS5000TGR, single stage poppet valve, 2-3/8 plungers, maximum operating pressure 2,500 psi, 100 horsepower motor, two balance tanks with one centrifugal pump, hot water make up is Bell and Gossett, Anderson Instrument controls.

Product Details

  • Stock No: 142
  • Manufacturer: Waukesha Cherry-Burrell

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Previous Refrigerant

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Cherry Burrell UHT System

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