Chester-Jensen Co Ammonia Plate Chiller

Chester-Jensen Co Ammonia Plate Chiller

Chester-Jensen Co Ammonia Plate Chiller. Model: XB-36-OT-36-32. Cooling capacity: 720 tons at 1152 gpm for a 26°F suction with a 15° TD. (36) Plates with 32 corrugations each. Total cooling section area: 1,539 sq. ft. Plate dimensions: 5 ft. W x 45 in H. Chester-Jensen Co plate chillers continuously and safely chill water, brine, glycols and other homogenous fluids to within 1°F of their freezing point by utilizing a unique internal construction feature inherent in the Short Gas Flow plate design that minimizes refrigerant pressure drop, facilitates rapid evacuation and replacement of spent vapor, and assures the highest possible heat transfer coefficient, thus maximizing tons per horsepower ratio. Dry weight: 7400 lbs. Overall dimensions: 14 ft. L x 7 ft.10 in. W x 7 ft.10 in. H. (ND)

Product Details

  • Stock No: pCFPH708.
  • Manufacturer: Chester-Jensen Co
  • Model: XB-36-OT-36-32
  • Serial Number: 8908-P

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Chester-Jensen Co Ammonia Plate Chiller

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