Cloudy & Brittons No-Frost Ultra-IQF Freezer Tunnel - 16,000 lbs/hour

Cloudy & Brittons No-Frost Ultra-IQF Freezer Tunnel - 16,000 lbs/hour

Cloudy & Britton No-Frost Ultra-IQF Freezer Tunnel. Model: VF-7245. S/N: 7365K. Rated at 8 Tons. Refrigerant: R-717. Ammonia receiving tank, serial no. 2241, National Board no. 3467. Length of enclosed section of tunnel is: 62 ft. 6 in. Width of enclosure is 16 ft. Usable dimensions of the belt: 36 ft. x 6 ft. Features include: hydraulic belt drive system, (9) 15 hp fans with 33 in. blades, (2) product stirrers, (3) Cornell ammonia pumps, belt washer and dryer blower, and insulated freezer box panels. This unit was set up to run approximately 8 tons of peas / hr. or about 6 tons of corn / hr.(H4).

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Product Details

  • Stock No: SSFF0141.350
  • Manufacturer: Cloudy & Britton
  • Model: VF-7245
  • Serial Number: 7365K

IQF Details

  • IQF Type: Tunnel
  • Pounds (LBS) per Hour of Freezing Capacity: 16000
  • Length Enclosed Tunnel (feet): 62.5
  • Width Enclosed Tunnel: 16
  • Nominal Tons (TR): 8
  • Insulated Panels Included? Yes
  • Included Refrigeration Equipment Description: Evaporator Coils Included

Belt Details

  • Belt Description: Hydraulic Belt Drive System, belt washer and dryer blower
  • Total Active Belt Length (Feet): 36
  • Active Belth Width (Inches): 72
  • Number of Belts: 1
  • 1st Belt Active Length (Feet): 432

Control Panel Details

  • Control Panel Included: Yes

Previous Refrigerant

  • Previous Refrigerant: Ammonia (R-717)
  • Ammonia (R-717) Compatiable: Yes
  • Halocarbon (Freon) Compatible: Yes

Motor Details

  • Motor Included? No


Additional Product Details

  • Year of Manufacture: 1994
  • Spec Sheet Available: Yes

Cloudy & Brittons No-Frost Ultra-IQF Freezer Tunnel - 16,000 lbs/hour

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