Combi America Compact Case Erector and Packer

Combi America Compact Case Erector and Packer

Combi America Model CPP BEII compact case erector and soft drop packer for round or non round bottles and cans S/N 1190-03 (1990) approx overall size: 11 ft. length x 7 ft. width x 8 ft. height approx speed: up to 15 cases per minute depending on pack pattern, approx case size: Length: 8-1/4 in. - 16-1/2 in., Width: 5 in. - 12-1/4 in., Height: 6 in. - 19-1/2 in., case erector: Model BE S/N 1190-02, unit erects and packs case but does not seal case, infeed: 8 ft. length x 10 in. width plastic tabletop conveyor, case: 24 in. x 40 in. length flat magazine with vacuum pickoff, discharge: powered roller conveyor, controls: complete with Omron SC20 PLC general description of operation- the product is collated from the single infeed conveyor with a pneumatic pushing unit. The desired pack pattern is collated in a packing grid assembly. When the proper pack pattern is completed, a pneum gripper assembly is lowered to the top of the product and gripped. The grid assembly opens, and the product is soft-set to the bottom of the case; set up by the case erector. When the cycle is completed, the loaded case is positively discharged. Various methods are used to place pack the product. unit currently has angular grippers but can be changed to suction cups or bellows type cups.

Product Details

  • Stock No: 65.L36000a.4
  • Manufacturer: Combi America
  • Model: CPP BEII

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Combi America Compact Case Erector and Packer

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