Crepaco R4R Positive Displacement Pump

Crepaco R4R Positive Displacement Pump

Crepaco R4R Positive Displacement Pump. Size: R4R. S/N: C-2035. Pump capacity: 33.25 gpm. Reliance Electric Motor, 5 hp, 1730 rpm, 230/460 V, 14/7 amps, 60 Hz. Reliance Electric Motor Drive, maximum input: 40 hp, maximum rpm: 1750, ratio: 5.2, torque: 1770 in. lb, final speed: 332.6 rpm. The "R" Series Rotary Pumps incorporate stainless steel bodies with versatile, resilient, molded rotors and a heavy cast iron gear case for use in sanitary applications. All product contact parts are 316 stainless steel with food grade seals and rotor materials which will not impart odors or affect flavors. All parts are interchangeable and replaceable in the field. Key features include: control box with on/off switch, pump is mounted on a portable base. Pump inlet/outlet: 2 in. threaded (male). Overall dimensions: 50 in. L x 20 in. W x 37 in. H.

Product Details

  • Stock No: HDGF041.7
  • Manufacturer: Crepaco
  • Model: R4R
  • Serial Number: C-2035

Pump Details

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Crepaco R4R Positive Displacement Pump

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