Feldmeier Skid Mounted UHT System - 20 GPM

Feldmeier Skid Mounted UHT System - 20 GPM

Feldmeier UHT System rated for 20 GPM maximum (1200 GPH). Product Specs: skim milk (48% cream) / 1.5 in. tri-clamp / 40ºF. Product fermentation temp: 75ºF. Flowrate (Low/High): 7 / 20 GPM. The system is designed for three functions: preheat 160ºF / return to batch tank, UHT processing of fermentation media as it is fed to fermentation tank, deactivate fermentation using standard HTST process condition (non-legal pasteurization step). The hold tube is set to run at 4 and 18 seconds at both flow rates. System is of sanitary design and made for ease of cleaning. General specifications: 304SS balance tank, 316SS stuffing pump, 316SS tubular pre-heater, 316SS timing pump, hot water set (saturated steam at 80 PSI), 316SS heating section (160ºF to 285ºF), insulated 316SS holding tubes, 316SS cooling section (285ºF to 75ºF / 185ºF to 40ºF), 316SS sterile water chiller, 316SS sanitary valves, media valves, Allen Bradley PLC controls. Air requirement: 80 PSI max. Electrical requirement: 460V, 60 Hz, 3-phase. Other features: (5) centrifugal pumps, (1) positive displacement pump, ITT tubular heat exchanger, holding tubes, stainless steel cabinets, Allen Bradley control panel, etc.

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  • Stock No: LKBA200
  • Manufacturer: Feldmeier

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Feldmeier Skid Mounted UHT System - 20 GPM

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