Feldmeier Tube-in-Tube Ammonia Cooler

Feldmeier Tube-in-Tube Ammonia Cooler

1993 Feldmeier Tube-in-Tube Ammonia Coolers. Model: 2515 (4X18/72X1). S/N: L2319. Total number of tubes: 72 (2 skids; 2 tube-in-tube sections per skid; 18 tubes per section). Refrigerant: full-flooded ammonia. The pressure ratings inside and outside are 150 psi. Thickness: 0.050 in. Inner tube: 1.4 in. diameter (interior) x 255 in. L. Outer tube: 2.4 in. diameter (interior) x 241 in. L. Surface area: 576 sq. ft. Previously owned and operated by Sunkist Growers, Inc. Previous duty: cooled 100 gpm of orange juice, 13 brix NFC from 60 °F to 34 °F using 30 °F. Eliminates the need for using a propylene glycol system that adds the cost of a tank, pump etc. As an example, juice can be cooled to 30 °F with 27 °F refrigerant and milk to 32 °F with 28 °F refrigerant. With glycol as the medium the refrigerant temperature would most likely be approx. 15 °F which translates into approx. a 25% increase in electrical energy over an ammonia cooler. Inlets: (1) 1-1/2 in. dia. (product), (1) 4 in. dia. header (ammonia). Outlets: (1) 3 in. dia. header (ammonia). Overall dimensions: 22 ft. 3 in. L x 82 in. W x 68 in. H. (ACN900).

Product Details

  • Stock No: pRCPK321.57a
  • Manufacturer: Feldmeier
  • Model: 2515 (4X18/72X1)
  • Serial Number: L2319

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Feldmeier Tube-in-Tube Ammonia Cooler

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