Frick RWF 480 Compressor Rotors

Frick RWF 480 Compressor Rotors

Frick RWF 480 Compressor Rotors. These fit a Frick model RWF 480, type SGC 2821 compressor. Female (driver) rotor dia: 7-1/8 in., rotor shaft dia: 3 in., back end shaft dia: 1 ¾ in. Overall length: 3 ft. 2 ½ in. Male (driven) rotor dia: 7-1/8 in., front end shaft dia: 1-3/8 in., back end bearing dia: 1-3/8 in. Overall length: 1 ft. 10-5/8 in.(H15)(ACN171).

Product Details

  • Stock No: GOMS01A
  • Manufacturer: Frick
  • Compressor Type: Screw
  • Package Included? No

Package Details

Screw Compressor Details

  • Compressor Included? No
  • Oil Separator Included? No

Micro Panel Details

  • Micro Control Panel Included? No

Motor Starter Details

  • Motor Starter Included? No

Previous Refrigerant

Motor Details

  • Motor Included? No


  • Length (Inches): 22.63
  • ACN: 171

Additional Product Details

  • Spec Sheet Available: Yes

Frick RWF 480 Compressor Rotors

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