Fristam Centrifugal Pump

Fristam Centrifugal Pump

Fristam Centrifugal Pump. Model: FPX731-170. S/N: FPX73101698. Capacity: 56 gpm @ 14 psi and 33 tdh. Single mechanical seals. Baldor Industrial Motor, 1-1/2 hp, 1740 rpm, 230/460, 4.2-2.1 amps, 60 Hz, 3 phase. General purpose pump with applications in the following fields: bottling, CIP cleaning, emulsifying, evaporation, reverse osmosis, water conditioning, extraction, homogenizing, and fermentation as well as many others. Capable of delivering high volumes and high pressures while handling shear sensitive products. The FPX series is well known for quiet, efficient, low maintenance operations. Inlets: (1) 2 in. dia. S-line fitting. Outlets: (1) 3/8 in. dia.S-line fitting, (1) 1-1/2 in. dia. S-line fitting. Overall dimensions: 22 in. x 11 in. W x 12 in. H.

Product Details

  • Stock No: MFBB360B.
  • Manufacturer: Fristam
  • Model: FPX731-170
  • Serial Number: FPX73101698

Pump Details

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Fristam Centrifugal Pump

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