Gaulin Ball Valve Homogenizer

Gaulin Ball Valve Homogenizer

Gaulin ball valve homogenizer a Painted Frame homogenizer. Gaulin Model 2275/473 MP45 5TBAX. Can be fit with a single or two stage manual valve assembly, 2-1/8 in. plungers, 5,000 psi tapered seat ball valve cylinder, optional plunger packing seal flush, minimum capacity 1,000 gph, maximum capacity 2,300 gph. It has an optional special oiling mechanism that allows you to use a vfd and run it slower without risk of damage due to inadequate oiling.

Product Details

  • Stock No: 525.GR444.
  • Manufacturer: Gaulin
  • Model: 2275/473 MP45 5TBAX
  • Serial Number: 8766910

Homogenizer Details

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Motor Details


Additional Product Details

Gaulin Ball Valve Homogenizer

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