Gaulin MC45 Homogenizer - 2500 PSI

Gaulin MC45 Homogenizer - 2500 PSI

Gaulin Homogenizer. Model: MC45-2.5TPS. Serial No: 179-7783. Maximum flowrate: 4,000 GPH. Maximum Pressure: 3,000 PSI. Unit was originally setup for 2,500 PSI, 1,840 GPH, Two-stage HVA 2 3/8 Piloted Valve, and 3 in. dia. plungers. Pressure and flowrate can be modified/adjusted to suit your needs. Tapered Poppet Seat Valves. Noted on nameplate: constructed identical to serial 179-7783, Dairy Engineering Company Job No. 9777.

Product Details

  • Stock No: AFTN02
  • Manufacturer: Gaulin
  • Model: MC45-2.5TPS
  • Serial Number: 179-7783

Homogenizer Details

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Gaulin MC45 Homogenizer - 2500 PSI

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