GEA FES, Inc. 290GL Screw Compressor Package - 400 HP

GEA FES, Inc. 290GL Screw Compressor Package - 400 HP

GEA FES Systems, Inc. York PA USA. Package model 290GL. Job no.: 09018012. Customer ID: RSI-001. Refrigerant: R-717 (ammonia). Cooling type: Liquid Injection. Package features a GEA Grasso compressor model SR-S36S-28. Serial: S1643. Mark 4. Year: 2009. Hydraulic Test Pressure: 620 PSIG. Max Design Working Pressure: 406 PSIG. Geometric Swept volume at 3550 RPM: 917 CFM. Weight (compressor only): 2,024 lbs. Rotation: CW. Max input speed: 3600 RPM. Refrigerant: R-717. P&I diagram LF22-S1. Horizontal oil separator vessel certified by FES Systems: serial C90035, Nat’l Bd 16388, MAWP: 300 PSI at 500F, MDMT: -20F at 300 PSI. RAM Industries electric motor: 400 HP, 3570 RPM, 460V, 440 FLA, frame 447TS, ODP, 1.15 SF, 3-phase, 60 Hz. Oil pump: 3 HP, 208-230/460V. G-Force Micro control panel. The Grasso S has a throughput of 917 CFM. Cooling capacity (NH3 ammonia): 322 KW at -35C/+35C and 1236 KW at 0C/+35C (91.56 TR at -31F/+95F and 351.45 TR at +32F/+95F). Compressor runtime: 5,974.18 hrs. Overall dimensions: 12 ft. L x 4.5 ft. W x 7 ft 8 in. H.

Product Details

  • Product ID: 13164
  • Stock No: EZPR01
  • Manufacturer: GEA
  • Model: 290GL
  • Serial Number: S1643

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GEA FES, Inc. 290GL Screw Compressor Package - 400 HP

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