Hoelscher Model 100 Hay Bale Accumulator

Hoelscher Model 100 Hay Bale Accumulator

Hoelscher, Inc. Bushton, Kansas USA. Model: 100. Serial: 01686. The 100 series is for 14 inch x 18 inch bales (38-44 inches long). From the manufacturer: “Accumulated bales are quickly picked up with one of these forks mounted to your loader. These models are also ideal for all-around loading and stacking. Bales can be loaded on your own hay trailers, trucks, or semi-trailers”. Bale Capacity: 10. Number of hooks: 20. Width: 70 inches. Length (overall / usable): 84 in. / 74 in.

Product Details

  • Stock No: NOI1501B
  • Manufacturer: Hoelscher, Inc.
  • Model: 100
  • Serial Number: 1686

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Motor Details

  • Motor Included? No


Additional Product Details

Hoelscher Model 100 Hay Bale Accumulator

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