Hosokawa Bepex Rietz Extrud-O-Mix

Hosokawa Bepex Rietz Extrud-O-Mix

2002 Hosokawa Bepex Rietz Extrud-O-Mix. Model: EM-10-K5F431. Approximate capacity: 1500 lbs. per hour. Approximate hopper inlet size: 32 in. L x 32 in. W. Baldor Electric motor: 20 hp. 1765 rpm. 230/460V. 48/24 amps. 60 hertz. 3 phase. Motor drive: SM-CYCLO. Ratio: 8:1, 1750 rpm. 8370 torque. Straight wall: 11-1/2 in. Overall hopper depth: 26-1/2 in. Pulley diameter: driver 11-1/4 in. driven: 20 in. 31-1/2 in. center to center pulley. The Extrud-O-Mix is primarily designed for combining dry powders with liquid streams to produce pastes suitable for extrusion. Features include efficient continuous mixing, adjustable shear input, and heat transfer available in the housing and the rotor. Applications are diverse and include: adhesives, animal feed , detergents, pharmaceuticals, starch, sweeteners and yeast. Overall dimensions: L. 5 ft. 6-1/4 in. x W. 5 ft. 3 in. x H. 7 ft. 7-5/8 in.(ACN1700).

Product Details

  • Stock No: NAXE01
  • Manufacturer: Hosokawa Bepex Rietz
  • Model: EM-10-K5F431
  • Serial Number: EM-2002021226

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Hosokawa Bepex Rietz Extrud-O-Mix

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