Lloveras Universal 500 Chocolate Maker

Lloveras Universal 500 Chocolate Maker

Lloveras Universal 500 Chocolate Maker. Model: Universal 500. Capacity: 1100 lbs (500 kg). Simultaneously grinds, blends, warms, and refines ingredients. Rotating blades provide pressure against the inner wall of the working chamber. This chamber is fitted with grooved sections used by the blades to mix and refine the product, as required. Blades and grooved sections are easily removed for changing and cleaning. Double-jacketed for heating and cooling. In-line hot water heater. Thermocouple. Motor: 20 hp, 50-60 Hz, 220/440 V, 3 phase. Suitable for a wide range of manufactured products such as chocolate, chocolate substitutes, pralines, special coatings, and fillings. It can also be used for recovery and recycling of rejects from other product lines.

Product Details

  • Stock No: APLL001.
  • Manufacturer: Lloveras
  • Model: Universal 500

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Lloveras Universal 500 Chocolate Maker

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