Norlake Walk-In Cooler

Norlake Walk-In Cooler

Norlake Commercial Regrigeration/Freezer listed 744G, Model CPB075DC, S/N 00060655, temperature 35 °F, inner dimensions 95 in. H x 106 in. W x 112 in. L, outer 117 in. H x 114 in. W x 120 in. L, compressor detail: S/N 00070278, singe phase 208-230 volts /60 hz./1 LRA 37, total amp. Refrigerant 10, total amp: Defrost n/a, condensing fan FLA 1.30 A, (2) Evaporating Fan FLA 1/2 A, refrigerant: R404A, quantity of refrigerant: 38 oz, compressor RLA 230 volts 7.7A refrigerant, condensing fan 230 volts 1.3A refrigerant, evaporating fan 230 volts1.0A refrigerant, design pressure 385 psi high 174 psi low. The walls are 4 in. thick and have a lip and a lock that holds them in place. The roof sits on the walls and also has locks to hold it in place.

Product Details

  • Stock No: 45.EQN1.20
  • Manufacturer: Norlake
  • Model: W13962
  • Serial Number: 60655

Cooler Details

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Norlake Walk-In Cooler

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