Quadro Ytron Fluid Mixer and Disperser Model XCT3A

Quadro Ytron Fluid Mixer and Disperser Model XCT3A

Quadro Ytron Powder Disperser, Model: XC1-3A, S/N: XC1-0007R. Liquid capacity: 40-70 gpm, Powder capacity: 150 lbs/min. 3A sanitary CIP cleanability. (2) 4.25 in. dia impellers. VP motor: 7.5 hp, 3,520 rpm, 6.7 amps, 575 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase. Final speed: 5,400 rpm. Inlets/outlets: (2) 1 1/2 in., (1) 2 in., (1) 1 in. The Quadro Ytron XC has a dual stage reactor housing designed specifically to incorporate and disperse large quantities of powders into a liquid stream in a single pass, without aeration. The first stage in the reactor creates a strong vacuum ensuring the powders are drawn into the reactor head. Immediately after the powder comes into contact with the liquid, the premix is subjected to directional and velocity changes as the mix repeatedly impinges on stationary baffles. The second stage tangentially discharges a smooth, lump-free, homogeneous product. Unit serves many applications in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and industrial field. See pdf for detailed information on this unit. Overall dimensions: 29 in. L x 21 in. W x 32 in. H.

Product Details

  • Stock No: ENDX746b.6
  • Manufacturer: Quadro Engineering Incorporated
  • Model: XCT3A
  • Serial Number: XCT-0007R

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Quadro Ytron Fluid Mixer and Disperser Model XCT3A

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