Resina Screw Capper

Resina Screw Capper

Resina Screw Capper. Model RU120-466. S/N 61-2633. Capper is set for a 28 mm cap and can adjust height for a 6.6 in. bottle to 12 in. bottle. Machine is set for 28 mm cap on 11.5 in. bottle. Cap size can be changed by using different cap sorter and cap sliders. EXR.

Product Details

  • Stock No: 85.3R-2333.40
  • Manufacturer: Not Specified
  • Model: RU 120-466
  • Serial Number: 61-2633

Filler & Capper Details

  • Filler/Capper Type: Capper
  • Inline/Rotary: Inline
  • Cap Hopper Included: No
  • Cap Chute Included: No
  • Includes Capper? Yes

Previous Refrigerant

Motor Details

  • Motor Included? No


Additional Product Details

Resina Screw Capper

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