Roschermatic Horizontal Vacuum Packager

Roschermatic Horizontal Vacuum Packager

1997 Roscher Horizontal Vacuum Packager. Model RQ-SVM-S1100. S/N: 6.080.0024. High end vacuum pumps of 0.5 mbar. Volume from 160 m. cub./hr up to 2,000 m. cub./hr, high speed machine for all kind of products and bag material, rust proof, complete stainless steel, progRam Industries memory for 8 complete settings, hygienic design, top and bottom sealing with 5 mm seal wires, microprocessor control with pressure an boiling point progRam Industriess, automatic transport system for connecting to filling systems, high speed temperature controller. Packager uses a 3-section belt that conveys product; each belt is 45 in. long. Belt width: 7 in. Maximum aperture/clearance: (1) 18 in. W x 24 in. H. KATT motor, 5.5 KW, 1,720 rpm, 220 V, 20.8 amps. Busch motor, Model RA250B. Overall dimensions: 12 ft. L x 48 in. W x 60 in. H. (ACN910)

Product Details

  • Stock No: SNPM168.7
  • Manufacturer: Roscher
  • Model: RQ-SVM-S1100
  • Serial Number: 6.080.0024

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Motor Details

  • Motor Included? Yes
  • # Motors: 2
  • Motor Manufacturer: KATT motor
  • Motor RPM: 1720
  • Motor Voltage: 220
  • Motor Amps: 20.8


  • Length (Inches): 144
  • Width (Inches): 48
  • Height (Inches): 60
  • ACN: 910

Additional Product Details

  • Year of Manufacture: 1997

Roschermatic Horizontal Vacuum Packager

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